Attorneys specialized in IT Law

Laux Lawyers AG is a boutique firm that combines outside know-how to offer blended full service to clients. IT law is not just a decent flavor of generic commercial law. Fact patterns sometimes are complex. Not understanding them can turn costly. That is why Laux Laywers has specialised attorneys with experience in handling tech driven matters, and in asking the right questions.

For tech driven projects, Laux Lawyers offers:

  • Legal Analysis for tech driven fact patterns
  • Interfacing with Project Management
  • Outsourcing
  • Platform Projects
  • Strategic IP Protection
  • Data Protection Matters

Fast Start

  • A great starting point to review potential data protection issues as they are related to Cloud Computing is the Cloud Privacy Check (CPC), an online resource containing highly relevant information covering 32 European jurisdictions.

The CPC follows a simple four-step process to go through the relevant steps a customer will meet during the legal analysis. This four-step process reflects a structure and uses iconography Laux Lawyers has helped to invent. The CPC is meant as an entry point into the legal analysis, and does not cover aspects related to regulations such as banking secrecy, etc.

  • Laux Lawyers, in cooperation with LEANmade, use a standardized Cloud, Privacy & Security Assessment to quickly establish the biggest risks and opportunities in a customer environment, and define a lean and manageable scope of work.
    This allows the customer to focus on maximizing the business value from (new) IT capabilities in a private, secure and compliant way.


LEANmade is a Consulting Partner of Laux Lawyers AG.