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  • Growing concern about handling and protecting the following types of information:
      • Intellectual Property (IP)
      • Personal Identifiable Data (PID) of Customers, Partners and Employees
      • Financial Data
  • Wanted to get support in further set-up and implementation of processes and data governance


  • Available internal and external resources lacking the capacity and specific experience required to resolve these complex demands.


Our Data Privacy specialist has been engaged for several months, as owner or supporter of the delivery of the following project-milestones:

  • Data Protection
    • Evaluate existing policies and guidelines according to GDPR/DSGVO standards
    • Review and revise processes related to such policies and guidelines, implement standard operating procedures
    • Assess GDPR/DSGVO exposure of affiliated companies outside of Europe
    • Draft and implement standard documentation, e.g. Data Processing Agreements, Data Privacy Impact Assessments, Records of Processing
  • Legal & Compliance
    • Review of existing Terms & Conditions, Data Protection clauses and Statements etc. in documents and on websites, which resulted in revised versions to achieve adherence to applicable laws and regulations across CH and EU
    • Evaluate 3rdParty Contracts related to IT and/or Data Processing – resulted in several recommendations for change and/or updates
    • Draft Vendor Management Process to monitor compliance and cost efficiency
    • Review existing risk management controls in case of Data Breaches
    • Streamline collaboration with IT Security Team to achieve alignment of Data Protection and Security topics and processes




  • Implementation of a GDPR program to set European Data Protection standards throughout the global Group had been started, but was still in an initial phase. Processes and compliance measures needed a push with specialist expertise in order to enable and sustain further compliance and growth of this successful technology business in a highly innovative and competitive, but also regulated market.
  • Found the LEANmade skills to be an excellent fit – With up-to-date know-how about the Swiss and international Data Privacy laws and Regulations and how to implement requirements effectively in practice.
  • As a result, significant improvements in the Data Privacy, Protection and Compliance standards were achieved.