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  • Growing concern about handling and protecting the following types of information:
      • Intellectual Property (IP)
      • Personal Identifiable Data (PID) of Customers, Partners and Employees
      • Financial Data
  • Wanted to get support in further set-up and implementation of processes and data governance


  • Available internal and external resources lacking the capacity and specific experience required to resolve these complex demands.


Our Legal Counsel and Data Privacy specialist, Brigitte Münch, has been engaged for a 6 months project.  During this period, she owned and/or supported the delivery of the following project-milestones:

  • Data Protection
    • Evaluate existing policies and guidelines according to GDPR/DSGVO standards
    • Review and revise processes related to such policies and guidelines, implement standard operating procedures
    • Assess GDPR/DSGVO exposure of affiliated companies outside of Europe
    • Draft and implement standard documentation, e.g. Data Processing Agreements, Data Privacy Impact Assessments, Records of Processing
  • Legal & Compliance
    • Review of existing Terms & Conditions, Data Protection clauses and Statements etc. in documents and on websites, which resulted in revised versions to achieve adherence to applicable laws and regulations across CH and EU
    • Evaluate 3rdParty Contracts related to IT and/or Data Processing – resulted in several recommendations for change and/or updates
    • Draft Vendor Management Process to monitor compliance and cost efficiency
    • Review existing risk management controls in case of Data Breaches
    • Streamline collaboration with IT Security Team to achieve alignment of Data Protection and Security topics and processes




  • Implementation of a GDPR program to set European Data Protection standards throughout the global Group had been started, but was still in an initial phase. Processes and compliance measures needed a push with specialist expertise in order to enable and sustain further compliance and growth of this successful technology business in a highly innovative and competitive, but also regulated market.
  • Found the LEANmade skills to be an excellent fit – Brigitte Münch was a great match with her strong background as a (German) Laywer, broad international experience and her up-to-date knowhow about the Swiss and international Data Privacy laws and Regulations and how to implement requirements in practice.
  • As a result, a high standard of Data Privacy, Protection and Compliance has been achieved (ongoing).