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  • Growing concern about handling and protecting the following types of information:
      • Intellectual Property (IP)
      • Personal Identifiable Data (PID) of Customers, Partners and Employees
      • Financial Data
  • Wanted to get independent confirmation that IT infrastructure, processes and governance were current and compliant, across:
      • Structured Data (ERP, CRM, Manufacturing Systems, Datastores), as well as
      • Unstructured Data (Email, Fileshares)
  • Available internal and external resources lacking the capacity and, in part, the skills required to resolve these complex demands.


We conducted a standardised Cloud, Privacy & Security Assessment (2 days) to quickly establish the biggest risks and opportunities, and define a lean and manageable scope of work. This included:

  • Data Privacy
      • Determine the need to perform a complete DPIA as required in certain cases per GDPR/DSGVO – deemed not applicable in this particular case
  • Data Protection
      • Review of access policies to ensure only authorised users can access sensitive information – resulted in recommendations for change specifically related to remote access by 3rdparty suppliers
  • Legal & Compliance
      • Review of existing Terms & Conditions, Data Protection Declaration, etc. – resulted in revised versions for all to ensure adherence to latest laws and regulations across CH and EU
      • Legal review of all Cloud and 3rdParty Contracts related to IT and/or Data Processing – resulted in several recommendations for change, and future-proofed with a subscription to LEANmade (Cloud) Contract Maintenance
      • Process review of existing risk management controls in case of Data Breach – now up-leveled with a subscription to LEANmade Incident Response


  • Subscribed to LEANmade Cloud Contract Maintenance, and LEANmade Incident Response for the following reasons:
      • Existing processes and compliance measures were already in good shape as a starting point (a.o. through ISO9001), but required several updates in combination with specialist support in order to safeguard this successful business in today’s and tomorrow’s connected environment.
  • Found the LEANmade subscription model to be an excellent fit – and it is turning out to be much more cost effective than any of the other solutions considered


  • As a result, a high standard of Data Privacy, Protection and Compliance has been achieved – without interruption of the actual business.