Annatina Fünfschilling Sigg

Annatina Fünfschilling Sigg

Legal Advisor - IT Law, Data Protection and Compliance

Following her law studies in Basel, Annatina Fünfschilling-Sigg started her professional career with various positions in the financial sector. During more than 10 years, she could gain experience as legal counsel for Zurich Financial Services, Credit Suisse and Allianz Suisse, mainly in the areas of contracts, finance and capital markets law, bank secrecy, insurance law, compliance and data privacy.

After joining the Migros Genossenschafts-Bund in 2015, she increasingly focused on the topics of data privacy and compliance and provided support in these matters to all companies of the Migros Group.

In 2019, Annatina obtained the CIPP/E qualification and completed a digital course in Digital Ethic at the HWZ. 

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