A handpicked selection of expert partners and solutions that we, at LEANmade, know well and can fully recommend:


Leading digital transformation network for SMEs

Parato brings together a selected group of companies and consultants with a strong track record in digitalization. Together we enable SMEs to approach their digital transformation holistically and to stay competitive in the digital era.


Building tomorrow’s teams.

The employee referral tool empowering you to turn your network into a recruiting engine.


Secure emailing and file sharing.

Prevent data breaches with our user-friendly and secure e-mail solution. Keep control over the confidential communication of your organization.


Comprehensive opportunities and risk management.

With OBSERVAR you get practical tools and methods expertise from one source. We have the necessary professional expertise to support and help you in setting up and expanding your enterprise, governance, risk and compliance management.


Unlock the full potential of your people

Say hello to your new company app. Your companion for sharing knowledge, culture and communication.


Your Partner for Information Management and Archiving. 

Our portfolio includes solutions for the scanning, management and archiving of documents as well as the analysis, protection and archiving of data.



Our credo is clearly: Only if you know both sides of the story, will you be able to ask the right questions. As lawyers, we act as external consultants who study in-depth the processes and structures of our clients, without compromising our objectivity. We operate at the interfaces between IT and sourcing or sales organisation, company management and law, bringing our expertise to the table in a direct, efficient and highly committed way. That is what we call “outside inside counsel™” in IT law.


Get On Board

If you are a channel partner, HSP, SI or ISV with a (public, private or hybrid) cloud solutions business, your prospects and customers will raise more and more questions specifically about data privacy, security and/or compliance.


….. In many cases, you will have chosen not to have all of the required competencies in house that you would need to answer across all of these connected topics as an expert.

For this, we have a dedicated Partner2Partner offering, whereby LEANmade can take this (and only this) highly specialized part of the sales-, design- and (where applicable) implementation-cycle out of your hands. We will help the customer or prospect to resolve all of these related question marks.

This will allow you to focus on your own strengths and service offerings, thus significantly speeding up your sales- and solution design process.

And most importantly, together we will be able to deliver a much more complete and robust final solution to the customer.

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