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We are clear and explicit on what we are and what we want to be for our customers. And equally important, we are clear on what we want to offer our employees and partners.

We have a strong believe in the logic that satisfied, energized and curious employees, freelancers and partners represent the best possible link to happy and successful customers.

We achieve this by

  • being an attractive employer for those who prefer to join as an employee, with dedicated structures and programs to allow for modern and flexible work-and lifestyles
  • as well as offering an attractive platform for freelancers that wish to stay independent while benefiting from a strong sales- and project-partner
  • with diversity as core value (actively seeking diversity in Age, Background, Gender, Religion, Skills, Lifestyle, etc.)
  • and ensuring a good balance of challenging customer projects where people can make best use of their specific skills and experience, and spending dedicated time on both technical and personal enablement
  • with a strong sense of purpose and responsibility to conduct our work in a transparent and accountable manner – for all stakeholders

Want to Join?

We would love to hear from you. With the right skills you can choose to join as a full time or part time employee (including jobsharing, we love jobsharing!), or stay independent and join our team as a freelancer. All jobs are based in the Zurich Area.

Please note: we are currently only looking for candidates who are fluent in Swiss German or German.

Interested? Click here to switch to the Career page in German to view our open positions

For Recruitment Agencies:

We do not accept any legal obligations and no respective compensations would derive from any unrequested candidate profiles sent. Instead, may we ask you to contact us upfront in case you would like to bring forward a potential candidate for this role?  Thank you for your understanding.

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