Zurich mixed reality researchers designing for a post-smartphone future

‘Zurich has become a hub for technology giants researching computer vision and artificial intelligence. They’re working on the next generation of personal devices – called Mixed Reality – that could some day replace smartphones.’. Dorian Burkhalter via swissinfo.ch



Cybersecurity Strategy: The Business Risk Of Being Caught Unprepared

‘A word of caution: If you feel your company is too small to afford a CISO or your existing organizational structure doesn’t currently support another C-level role, please do not stop reading. Your need is just as urgent: Verizon’s “2019 Data Breach Investigations Report” found that 43% of cyberattack victims are small businesses. Investing in cybersecurity still is essential, and there are ways to protect your business without the enterprise price tag’. Domini Clark for Forbes.com



Rogue IoT devices are putting your network at risk from hackers | ZDNet

‘People are increasingly turning to IoT products like fitness trackers, smart watches, medical devices and more in their everyday lives and in many cases, they’re connecting them to enterprise networks, but often they’re doing this without disclosing it to their IT department.

According to figures from cybersecurity company Infoblox, almost half of organisations (46 percent) have discovered ‘shadow’ IoT devices on their network during the last year’. ‘Not only does this leave IoT products potentially vulnerable to being compromised and roped into a botnet, insecure IoT devices connected corporate networks could enable attackers to use something as trivial as a fitness tracker or a smart watch as an entry point into the network, and use it as means of further compromise.’ Danny Palmer via zdnet.com