A round-up of Innovation – the Magic of Holograms, 7 examples of Digital Transformation, a Historic Comparison about Disruption and the different ways in which Artificial Intelligence is deployed today at Dubai Airport


Demo: The magic of AI neural TTS and holograms at Microsoft Inspire 2019 (YouTube)

Impressive video where Julia White shows how a hologram of herself can deliver an impactful and personal speech in any foreign language. As shown at Microsoft Inspire 2019.


7 Examples Of How Digital Transformation Impacted Business Performance (Forbes)

7 short examples of how large enterprises changed themselves towards a digital future. Blake Morgan via Forbes.com


The Day the Horse Lost Its Job – Microsoft Today in Technology (Microsoft Today in Technology)

Drawing a strong parallel between the historic disruption of horsepower and today’s world of change. Connecting the dots by Brad Smith, here together with Carol Ann Browne, via Microsoft.com


The Amazing Ways Dubai Airport Uses Artificial Intelligence (Forbes)

A short overview of AI and its potential around airtravel. The author also briefly touches on some of the unresolved questions with respect to privacy and ethics: ‘As innovation gets pushed by the UAE, Dubai International Airport and other technology innovators around the world, there will be opportunities for abuse and privacy considerations when using these new AI tools and capabilities for air travel. But, if artificial intelligence can remove the biggest headaches from travel, some people (possibly most) will be more than ready to exchange a bit of privacy for a better experience when AI takes over.’ Bernard Marr via Forbes.com