Verizon’s 12th annual data breach report; privacy and trust in digital health; and how 800 million people move closer to a no-password world



Nation state actors, affiliates behind increasing amount of data breaches | ZDNet (ZDNet)

Verizon’s 12th annual data breach report was based on 41,000 cybersecurity incidents and more than 2,000 data breaches, and gives some great insights into the current state of cyber threats. In short:

‘A quarter of all breaches were associated with espionage;

C-level executives were 12x more likely to be the target of social incidents and 9x more likely to be a target of social breaches;

Ransomware is the No. 2 ranked malware type and accounts for 24% of cases;

Cybercriminals were targeting cloud-based email accounts and leveraging stolen credentials.’

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Demanding privacy, and establishing trust, in digital health (TechCrunch)

‘In 2018 alone, more than 6.1 million individuals were impacted by healthcare data breaches. Many have started to warn of the “data breach tsunami.” Complacency is no longer viable.’

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Windows 10 says Hello to no passwords with FIDO2 certification | ZDNet (ZDNet)

‘Microsoft moves 800 million people closer to a no-password world: “No one likes passwords (except hackers),” says Yogesh Mehta, group manager for Microsoft’s crypto, identity and authentication team in Azure Core OS.’

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